How Having a Bath Can Help to Relax Your Mind and Body

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In today’s frenzied world, sometimes all you need is a break to spend some time taking better care of yourself. So, how do you recline after a long, stressful day?

While we all have our secret weapons to de-stress, nothing can beat the feeling of luxuriating in a hot bathtub. Imagine leaving all your tension and anxiety behind as you soak into a pacifying mini-sea of serenity. It’s incredible how something as simple as a bath can make you feel so calm and nurtured, and have a positive effect on your mental health and wellbeing. Cultures across the world have employed the therapeutic powers of baths for centuries. Ritual bathing was practiced by ancient Romans, Japanese, Greek, and Middle Eastern societies to cleanse the body and spirit. With our busy lifestyle, go for a quick shower to get clean fast. We often tend to overlook bath time as a de-stressor because it has become commonplace in our culture, but luxurious hot baths are now making a comeback due to their medicinal benefits for health.

The Science behind Hot Baths

Soaking in warm water is known to boost blood circulation and calm nervous system. The act of bathing stimulates the dilation of blood vessels, which helps to relax muscles. Consequently, easing pain and relieving stress associated with stiff and sore muscles. Relaxing in a tub of hot water can also help to get rid of mental stress and anxiety. In addition, it helps to soothe pain caused by arthritis, menstrual cramps, and muscle spasms. That’s not all, indulging in a hot bath can aid in sleeping better at night. So, if you’re having difficulty falling asleep, try taking a bath before going to bed.

How to Create a Relaxing Bathtub Experience

Anyone can hop in a hot bathtub and jump out, but a little preparation can transform your bathroom into a private spa. Here’s how you can create a luxurious bath experience at the comfort of your own home.

  • Create a relaxing scene: Dim the lights or switch them off. I prefer to use a few candles instead. Also, consider adding soothing music to your bath time ritual. You can also read your favorite book or magazine. And you’re all set to be taken away in a more relaxing place.
  • Get the temperature right: The temperature of your bath water should be close to your body temperature or a few degrees above. Avoid using too hot water as it can leave your skin dry and chapped.
  • Add bathing essentials: Rev up your bath time by adding essential oils, bath salts, natural clays, or herbs to your bath water. It will not only help to calm your mind and body but also provide additional skin benefits. My favorite one is Kneipp bubble bath pure bliss. The red poppy and hemp aromatherapy bubble bath smells amazing. You can find it on Amazon or on the Kneipp homepage.
  • Calm your mind: Stop obsessing over whatever thoughts were running through your head all day. This is your me time. So, just focus on yourself and be mindful of your surroundings. Pay attention to your breathing and let your mind and body relax.
  • Pamper yourself afterward: When you’re done enjoying your bath, use your fluffiest towel and slide into some comfy clothes or PJs. Have a cup of herbal tea or listen to your favorite music. You deserve it!

Hopefully incorporating these little details into your bathing ritual will help you feel more relaxed, stress free, and pain free. So, next time you think of hopping in the shower, consider swapping it for a mindful and indulgent soak instead.

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