Hello. I am depressed – and you?

Hello. I am depressed - and you?
Hello. I am depressed - and you?

Did you know more than 300 million people across the world have suffered from depression at some point of their life (according to a WHO report)? 😮 In US alone, 10.3 million adults experienced an episode that resulted in severe impairment in the past year. All these horrifying stats and yet depression seems to be a taboo. It shouldn’t be, so let’s talk about it! I am depressed – sorry not sorry!

I am depressed – and you?

It is hard to talk about feeling depressed for the kind of negative connotations associated with it. In my experience a lot of people barely display empathy towards people suffering from depression. But it’s about time people start to speak about it because that’s the only way to break the stigma of mental illness. Don’t feel bad to show your feelings, don’t apologize for being different, don’t hide how you feel.

Don’t smile away your symptoms

Some of us tend to ignore the symptoms of depression. Maybe because the moment you open up about it to your friends, family or colleagues, barely anyone would suggest you to take serious medical advice. I bet you often hear things like “just don’t think about it” or “stop worrying so much”. But ignoring your depression may lead to serious consequences like panic attacks and other mental illnesses. So it’s better to seek medical advice as soon as you realize you are not feeling well and open up about your symptoms.

Talk about it

Many people are not comfortable about opening up to a anyone about their depressive thoughts and feelings. I get that. It can be scary and uncomfortable. However, reaching out to the people you trust is a crucial step toward overcoming depression. You can count on your close family members, friends or colleagues to express your feelings. Sometimes venting out about how you feel to people you can relate to is the best therapy you need. So don’t fall back.

Some people actually want to help you

There are and always will be some kind of idiots that think depression is a form of laziness or weakness. But there are also people that care about you and about how you feel. Even if they might not exactly understand what you are going through they will try to help you even if it is just by lending an ear.
Another option is to work with your therapist and participate in support groups. Support groups will allow you to share your deep-rooted emotions and thoughts in a safe environment with people who can understand what you are going through. So find the right people to speak up about your feelings.

Unfortunately we cannot ask everybody in the world to just shake off their taboos regarding depression overnight. Wouldn’t it be nice. But if we all start to open up about it more and accept the fact that we might not be perfect and don’t have to be, others might also start to change their perspectives. It sounds like baby steps, but 300 million steps (if one step is about 76cm) together are 228000 kilometers. That means together we can walk almost 6 times around the earth.

I am depressed – and you? #helloiamdepressed

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