Boost Your Energy Levels Naturally

Boost Your Energy Levels Naturally
Boost Your Energy Levels Naturally

Do you feel sluggish and your eyes start to shut down in the middle of the day? 😔 Low energy levels can cast spells of tiredness at worst possible times. For instance, if you work office hours, you might be familiar with the frustration that comes with all-out energy drain. Like the moment you wish your office chair would transform itself into a bed and you start chasing your last chocolate cookies in your secret desk drawer to get a sugar high. You think about having another coffee, although you know that it would probably just increase your anxiety level, because you already had too many.

Do you know that situation? I definitely do! Probably not the best solutions, but what should you do when it gets so much harder to concentrate? You wish to be more energetic and make better use of your time to get things done? If that all sounds relatable, keep reading to find some ways to boost your energy levels naturally.

5 Ways to Boost Your Energy Levels Naturally

Like to Move it

Exercise provides the cells in your body with more energy to use and improves oxygen level in the blood. This oxygen-rich blood rushes through your muscles, heart, and brain, revitalizing your body and mind. Also, your body releases energy-boosting hormones, epinephrine and norepinephrine, during exercise. If you work a desk job, you can either walk around the office for a couple of minutes and annoy your colleagues with a bit of small talk, or just get up from your chair and stretch a little. A brisk walk is also a great way of incorporating some kind of physical activity into your day. Maybe get your lunch from a shop a bit further down the road or hop on the bus a stop later.

Have a Bite

Having small meals and snacks throughout the day is better than having three large, heavy meals a day. Your brain needs a steady surge of nutrients to gain energy and function properly. So, try to have a snack every two to three hours to avoid lag in energy. Unfortunately gummy bears or a box of chocolate cookies are not the best snack, try to eat some fruits instead. Studies show that magnesium deficiency can also cause your energy level to drop and make you feel fuzzy. Try adding magnesium-rich food items into your diet, such as nuts, whole grain, and fish.

Take a Cat Nap

If you feel like your eyelids are getting heavier and your head is starting to droop, take a power nap. Researches by the National Institute of Mental health show that a 60-minute cat nap can boost brain activity and even help to improve memory retention. But make sure not to exceed 60 minutes to avoid disturbing your nighttime sleep schedule. Of course that isn’t possible to do in an office, but try to close and relax your eyes for a couple of minutes in between and do some meditation breathing exercises. That can also help you to relax.

Stay Hydrated

Keeping your body hydrated keeps the organs working effectively, which keeps your energy levels in their optimal condition. If your body is not getting enough liquids, you’ll be feeling drained and weary. For that reason it is essential to follow the “eight glasses of water a day” rule to keep your body well hydrated. Dink, drink, dink!

Reduce Stress

Stress can have a negative impact on your brain and consequently, on your energy level. Stress-related emotions take up a huge amount of energy, causing your body to go through energy drain. We all face stressful situations in life, but what makes the real difference is how we manage it. You can talk to someone close to you, see a therapist, join a support group, or indulge in relaxation therapies such as meditation, yoga, and tai chi.

Coffee, Yessss

Caffeine is known to boost energy and improve concentration naturally. It’s the main constituent of coffee, cocoa, and tea. Studies suggest that having a caffeinated drink between 9:30 am 11:30 am maximizes the effect of caffeine and keeps the afternoon sluggishness away. But be careful not to drink too much of it, or you might get the “caffeine jitters”.

Many people feel tired throughout the day. Try to drink enough water, get enough sleep, eat healthy and exercise. I know that sounds like a lot, but already 10 minutes of meditation a day can benefit your energy levels and your health.

So if you feel tired, it’s worth taking a look at your lifestyle to see which healthy changes you can make to boost your energy levels naturally and make you feel great.

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