free printable yay
Yay! Let's celebrate! (Free Printable) Why? There are so many reasons but let's pick just one for today. Let's pick ourselves. How many days do you start with having a bad mood? You didn't sleep well, the weather is shit, work...
calm down your mind

Shut up Brain – Calm down your Mind

Helpful Ways to Calm down your Mind Do you know the feeling when your brain just doesn't want to...

Finding your inner Superhero

Certainly we cannot identify ourselves as having “super powers” by the truest definition, but we all have the ability to be our own superhero. So,...
Self-Care Ideas for Your Daily Routine

Self-Care Ideas for Your Daily Routine

It’s quite common for most of us to forget that living a positive and content life isn’t only about taking care of...
tips for anxiety attacks

How to Deal with an Anxiety Attack

Anyone suffering from anxiety can understand how it can be difficult to control and manage a panic or anxiety attack. You have...
Relieve The Stress At Work

5 Ways to Relieve The Stress At Work

Having a bad day at work? Dreaming of crawling under your comfy blanket at home? Let’s face it; workplace isn’t the ideal...
benefits of online therapy

Benefits of Online Therapy

So, are you finally ready to talk about all those issues you’ve been bottling up for so long? If you think that...
self-help books

Best Self-Help Books to Read in 2019

If you are anything like me, you are constantly planning to improve your life with the use of self-help books. You want...

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